Saturday, July 27, 2013

Let's look at "Math for Artists" (and Daniel Pink suggests that we are all artists)

Many people claim that they are not "good" at math.  

I've heard this from people who ask me, "What subject do you teach?"  When I say math, they reply, "Oh, I hated math at school."

This blog is a collection of lesson plans and articles that (I hope) will encourage people to find useful parts of math.

One of the goals is to "produce" students who are flexible ... if they prefer using a calculator, then I hope they will feel comfortable using pen and paper, too. 

If you have a lesson idea or a quotation that might inspire the artist in a student to understand numbers better, send your idea to

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  1. Hello, students at Miami Arts Charter School. You have arrived at a blog with photos, exercises and resting points ... You don't need to answer immediately because "time is a variable." Take a deep breath, breathe deeply and look at some of the math exercises in this blog.