Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tips about creating a small notebook called "The Design Trap" -- which will help you build your portfolio

Here's some advice from two students who recently made small notebooks.

You can put important websites on the inside of the cover

You can put quotations inside the cover

You can clip phrases from magazines that inspire you

The two-inch-wide tape protects the cover.
The glue holds the cut-out pieces in place.

Winston Churchill said these important words:
"The courage to continue is what counts"

I call it the "design trap" because you can use the notebook to capture items that catch your eye.

Dan Pink talks about DESIGN in his 2005 book A Whole New Mind

So... when you collect information in the notebook, you can transfer the important ideas into a portfolio.   Learn more by reading this talk by Tim Brown:

Design Thinking by Tim Brown


-- By Tim Brown  << click here and give Mr. Brown some hits.

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