Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our students want to travel and they hope you will go with them on this video tour

In our search for interesting places and looking for math in many parts of our lives,  our class has selected some videos for travel.

(a) what time is it in that countrty when it is 1 p.m. in Miami?

(b)  How far is it to travel to that country at 500 mph (800kph) by air?

(c)  how many hours is it to fly there?

Here is an advertisement for one of our plays

One of our students recommends this video from Rome, Italy

"I want to try the pasta." -- Abika

another student recommends Canada

"There are many cool places to visit."  -- Laura

Here's a video that shows a tour of Paris.

If you live in these places and want to practice English with our students, write to

We hope you will visit and learn about ways for U.S. students to give conversation help to people in other countries.

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