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To prepare for PERT, SAT and GRE exams, is a safe place to review math procedures -- Teachers show you STEP BY STEP how to PREPARE for the PERT test

If you are looking for a free way to review math, go to

If you are studying for PERT, you can focus on the following topics

If you are worried about your skill-level, you can improve your math skills by looking at these videos.

If you want to try some tests, you can go to my PERT page

You can download this book
(download here)
This post is dedicated to the Rescue Church in North Miami and to Gus, who found me at Broward Central Campus and told me about his plans to study at Broward College.  "I know dozens of people who are afraid to take the PERT test because they fear they will fail."  
Order of Operations

He told me, "They just need to know where to go to prepare, to learn the procedures."

For example, there is the ORDER OF OPERATIONS.
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
You can find the Order of Operations explained on  Look for the list on the left of the menu.

One of the best ways to get started is to go to take quizzes.  Find problems that you CAN'T do and take a photo.  Send the photo to me at (954) 646 8246 or to my email address  Then I'll create a short video and post the answer on YOUTUBE

My channel:

Notice the problems
listed here: Inequalities
 One of my students, Fernanda Fortunato, went to a website connected to a Daytona college and did EVERY MATH PROBLEM on the site.  She took notes and brought me questions and her notes are now part of a PERT workbook (available FREE to download from

You can also download the file here

Here is the FREE DAYTONA WEBSITE that Fernanda used.

The challenge for many students
is to find a video that answers the SPECIFIC need ... and it can take hours to find the right video.   How do I find the right words to describe a particular problem.  
That's why I like -- you can look down the list of sample problems and find a problem that looks like a typical problem that you are having trouble with.

Can you cancel items on the TOP
and Bottom?  Are you FL___X__BLE?

These are typical problems on
the PERT ...

You can try the TRINOMIALS


I've been teaching PERT classes since 2011 and students often ask me, "Where can I go to see step-by-step explanations?"  I have placed several problems and videos on my youtube account and I encourage you to visit  "PERT MATH REVIEW STEVE MCCREA" at my Mistermath account on Youtube, .... but there are more-organized websites.

Look at to find a SELECTION of teachers.  You don't have to listen to "him" or "her" ... you can avoid a teacher with an annoying voice.   You can select someone who explains a procedure clearly.

Yes, I love to hear students say, "I really understand this problem now.  I watched your video and the penny dropped."  However, that's just one problem.   We know that standardized tests like SAT and PERT require LOTS of different problems and the best thing a teacher can do is recommend

You can also go to and sign up for their tutorials.

Here is a 10-minute video about the Order of Operations

If you want to push yourself, connect with with your Facebook account.   then you can win "prizes" ...  I have earned over 60,000 points.

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