Monday, August 5, 2013

FOR YOUR MATH JOURNAL FIRST NIGHT: Please think about four ideas

Read this post on the first night...

Write the following items on the first page of your Math Journal

(1) Time is a variable.
I can complete the course eventually.

(2) I can learn from my classmates

(3) My job as a student is to explain what I know.  The teacher's job is to listen to me and find a way to fill in the gaps.
The students talk, the teacher listens.

(4) We can find math in projects.

(5) Many of us learn when we have fun.  Many of us learn when we are not pressured to learn something new (time is flexible).
Go to this website and see some of the other exercises.

Each of these problems will be placed in your Math Journal.  You are responsible for drawing or printing the page and then showing your work...  Write CLEARLY so that your grandmother can read the writing.

You can ask the teacher about the SKILL of Handwriting...  

Here is the link to the 47 excellent exercises.

Download moreexercises

After you look at the list of problems, I hope you will ask, "Do I really need to do all of these problems?"

I invite you to suggest projects to substitute for these exercises.

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