Monday, August 5, 2013

FOR YOUR PORTFOLIO: Complete the questions in the PERT test prep course

Hello, students

People who are older than 18 years old take a test called PERT (see below)

Here is a "graphic welcome" that I give my students at Broward College.

You will see a numberline
an inequality on a graph (which of those equations are shown by the graph?)
some misspelled words
and my favorite:  Two Equations and Two unknowns

Your task is to complete this page and put the answers in your math journal.  Show your work ... copy the problems carefully, using the Len Forrey technique** of holding a sheet of paper under your wrist to make sure the line is straight (if you need to have a straight line... or you can use a ruler).

If you would like to find more problems from the PERT to put in your math journal, try these websites


Math Tips
If these links are dead, ask the teacher for the original document or click here:
Document 1   Anxiety  bill of rights
Document 2   Checklist
Document 3   Key Parts of the PERT test
Document 4   MDC college practice test
Document 5    What tips do you need?


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