Monday, August 5, 2013

FOR YOUR PORTFOLIO: Compare the odds of winning the powerball, getting hit by lightning and getting in a car accident

At Miami Arts Charter School, we want to:
1) make classes interesting
2) create classes where "time is a variable"
3) focus on math that relates to our lives
4) start with personal learning plans, not the textbook

For this exercise, called "compare the odds," please estimate the odds of some of the following (you can add your own event):

the odds of winning the powerball, 

the odds of getting hit by lightning, 

the chance of getting in a car accident

Describe where you got the information and (if you made a calculation) how you arrived at the number.

What would you search to find this page like this?
What words would you use to search for the
chances of winning the lottery?
Put the calculation in your Math Journal (or whatever you call your notebook, design trap, the "I want to remember this" book...).   This exercise is interdisciplinary:   This exercise uses skills from many subjects.  Please write it carefully, check with a friend who likes to proofread and think about how you can apply this information to your life.  What information do you need for calculating risk?

New York Lottery

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