Monday, August 5, 2013

Get a preview of the SAT test here and start focusing on "proportions" (5-to-6, so 15-to-xx?) and "relationships" (slopes, two equations with two unknowns)

Are you ready for changes in the SAT test?
If you attend Miami Arts Charter School, you will be ready.  There are free test prep sheets available here (download them) and there are free sessions before school starts with "the exercise of the day"...

This article can be downloaded from HERE

Two equations with two unknowns

2x + 3y = 17
4x + 2y = 22

what is y?   

Keep practicing with and


Here's the link to the article

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NOTE about calculators

Use of calculators during the SAT

Every question in the mathematics portion of the SAT can be solved without a calculator. However, we suggest that you bring and use a calculator, especially one with which you are familiar. We recommend the use of a scientific or graphing calculator. You may not use a calculator while working on the critical reading or writing portions, and must put the calculator away during these portions of the test.
(from the College Board)

Would you like to learn how to get through the SAT test without a calculator, using just simple pencil calculations?  Ask your math teacher for "SAT tips from Math For Artists."

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