Friday, September 27, 2013

Cazadores Del Red Tyler and Juliano have identified several MULTIPLICATION PRACTICE activities

The National Council for Teachers of Math have a site called "Illuminations" with activities to grow the brain power.

CLICK HERE for Illuminations

For Grades 6-8

You are invited to visit the following locations for additional preparation for rapid math calculations.

we also recommend TYPING PRACTICE like

These sites were found by Tyler and Juliano, who are "hunters on the Internet" (cazador del Red).

Sasha and Franchesca found 
Lemonade Stand
Crazy Taxi
Coffee Shop  

I recommend only these activities on Hoodamath and because we are looking only for math games that involve MENTAL MATH calculations.   

Learning new instructions will increase the blood flow to the brain, but after the instructions are learned, a skill game is usually just a way to relax.  To build new synapses (connections), please look for multiplication and division games.

Special thanks to Marcos for his work with Mr. R. and organizing the videos and photos for the dance department.

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