Friday, September 27, 2013

We recommend these videos and websites (suggestions from my students)

What is the power of one person? One person can recommend a video or website and then hundreds of people can click. Let's increase our "Net" impact by sharing the links of websites and videos that inspire us.

A wonderful violin... recommended by Serena Color World Origin (recommended by Colon)

Sticy ninja Academy (a cool math game)

Children of the Night (channel: duo Cartoonist)

April suggests GoPro: Fireman Save a Kitten on the GoProCamera channel

We have shared this list in the hope that students and teachers in other schools can visit these sites and videos (and we invite you to recommend some videos for us to look at, too). This list was sent to Jodie Woodruff at, an excellent school in Providence, R.I. Send suggestions to Steve at

We also invite you to see some SAT math prep at

Please go to "people to people" on google (a suggestion by Serena)
www.PeopletoPeoplecom    Another organization:

Here are some more suggestions Cool math game

4 seasons hotel in BoraBora

Halloween horror nights videos at Sharp Productions

We also clicked on my video about Big Picture school

And we Looked at the Met Center

We looked up the Entrepreneur Center at

We look forward to seeing the suggestions by Jodie's students (and others)

April likes GoPro:  Fireman Saves Kitten on GoProCamera channel

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