Monday, September 9, 2013

"WEIGHT" and "MASS" appear in the Critical Thinking about Math Class.... with a comment from a teacher (from 1974).

The mass / weight exercise  bubbled up some memories of this work in my high school.    so I wrote to my teacher from 35 years ago.   HE WROTE BACK...
(LESSON:  keep in touch with your teachers)

I thought it might be fun for our students to see that even high school graduates have a memory for this important work....


From: Tony Hyde <>
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Date: September 9, 2013 6:32:28 AM EDT
To: Steve THE EBOOK MAN McCrea <>,
Subject: Re: Help with Math 
Reply-To: Tony Hyde <>

Hi Steve,
  The difference between weight and mass is NOT easy since, in everyday language, there is a misuse of the words.  One says my weight is 65 kgs.  The kg is a unit of mass and weight is a force - the pull of the earth on a mass.  the other classic example is that one will hear there is no more power when one really should be saying there is no more energy (electrical).  Anyway the easiest way to differentiate between mass and weight is this.  The person in orbit in the ISS is weightless - the reason for this is also quite hard to understand/explain - but it would be highly embarrassing to be massless since then the person just would not be!!!!  There would be no matter/material to make up the person.  No one minds being weightless but do they heck want to be massless, i.e. non-existent?!!  I am impressed that Mr McCrea remembered my Physics lessons!
Kindest regards and I hope my little idea helps.
Tony Hyde.
teacher from Aiglon College

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