Monday, September 30, 2013

More links recvommended by my students.... including the remarkable images of KaiKai

Natascha recommends StudyJams at Scholastic.

At least one person thinks that this design should be on our school's t-shirt.  Gabriela M. says, "This is a really pretty design.  It should be our school t-shirt."

The image is copyrighted by Kailah.  Please contact her if you want to use it.

Plus give her wordpress some hits and subscribe and leave a reply.

Here is an example of the form that you can use to
increase your net impact

list of recommendations from students

Sewanee Summer Music Festival 2010 Philharmonia Orchestra Tchaikovsky March Slav

Channel:  hunetr thomas
this amazing video has beautiful waltzes.  
I find that the most beautiful things are not seen but heard.

What videos inspire you?

What videos are amazing?

What have you seen that is beautiful?
Internet love story: CTFxCC Charles and Ally

10 Great Brain Teasers and Riddles
by Sweet Sanity 79 (channel)

Epic funny cats zomin on youtube 

Khan Academy
jacksgap on youtube
One Direction Miami concert on youtube

Roger Rabbit by Sleeping with Sirens 

Mental Floss is good because it has interesting facts and it is educational without pain. 

If you have websites or videos that you want to recommend, please send your suggestions to

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